Topical and Systemic Therapies for Nickel Allergy

Antonella Tammaro; Alessandra Narcisi; Severino Persechino; Cristiano Caperchi; Anthony Gaspari


Dermatitis. 2011;22(05):251-255. 

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Oral Zinc

Nickel, as other allergens, may interact with essential divalent ions with similar chemical properties at ionic sites of important biomolecules. Based on animal studies, some effects of nickel may be eliminated or reduced by supplementing with divalent essential metals.[14] Weissmann and Menné reported cases of nickel dermatitis as having improved following oral administration of zinc sulfate (ZnSO4).[15] One clinical study showed that the administration of ZnSO4 could improve the clinical manifestations of nickel contact dermatitis and could eliminate or reduce the majority of patch-test reactions; intolerance to ZnSO4 was not observed. The study showed that ZnSO4 therapy is efficacious and safe.[14]


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