Phthalates in Baby Skin Care Products

Heather P. Lampel; Sharon E. Jacob


Dermatitis. 2011;22(05):272-276. 

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Phthalates were detected in 4 of the 30 products tested (Table 3). Two products were leave-on products and two were wash-off products. Product #21 (a body wash) contained 0.14 ppm of DnBP (RDL, 0.1 ppm), whereas product #20 (a baby bath) contained 0.34 ppm of DEHP (RDL, 0.1 ppm). Product #5 (a sunscreen) contained 44.0 ppm of DEP (RDL, 1.0 ppm), and product #26 (a moisturizer) contained 0.29 ppm of DEP (RDL, 0.2 ppm) (see Table 3). There was no statistical significance between the wash-off and leave-on product groups in terms of phthalate detection (p = .578). The remaining products tested did not have phthalates detected above the RDL.


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