2011 Top Game Changers in Primary Care

Carol Peckham; Sandra A. Fryhofer, MD; R. Brian Haynes, MD, PhD; Charles P. Vega, MD


November 23, 2011

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9. Probiotics for Acute Upper Respiratory Infections

A Cochrane Review published in September[2] suggested that probiotics were better than placebo in reducing the number of participants experiencing episodes of acute upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) and reducing antibiotic use. This indicates that probiotics may be more beneficial than placebo for preventing acute URTIs. However, the results have some limitations and there were no data for older people.

The study was also one of the top 5 accessed this year by primary care physicians through the McMaster Premium Literature Service and received 6 out of 7 stars for clinical relevance.

Read a Viewpoint on an earlier study supporting probiotics in URTIs.


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