Game Changers in Gastroenterology: 2011

David A. Johnson, MD


November 23, 2011

In This Article

Long-term Risk of Colorectal Cancer After Negative Colonoscopy

Brenner H, Chang-Claude J, Seiler CM, Hoffmeister M.
J Clin Oncol. 2011;29:3761-3767.

These German investigators have previously reported a case-control study showing that colonoscopy protects against colorectal cancer (CRC) for ≥ 10 years.[1] This was a larger study involving 1692 patients with CRC and 1896 population control patients. After a single negative colonoscopy, the age- and sex-adjusted odds ratios for CRC at the following intervals were 0.14 (1-2 years), 0.10 (3-4 years), 0.26 (5-9 years), 0.36 (10-19 years), and 0.41 (≥ 20 years). Risk reductions were seen for both right-sided and left-sided cancers.

Why Is This a Game Changer?

This investigation (conducted by gastroenterologists) shows that a negative colonoscopy is associated with substantial and extended risk reductions for both right- and left-sided colon cancers. The key issue is a quality exam!


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