Facial and Nasal Cancer Reconstruction Case Study

Babak Azizzadeh, MD


November 17, 2011

A Man With Basal Cell Carcinoma

A 67- year-old white man was referred to a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon by a dermatosurgeon after undergoing complex Mohs excision of basal cell carcinoma at the junction of the right ala and cheek.

The defect measured approximately 7 x 5 cm and involved the right cheek, upper lip, and nasal regions (Figure 1). The full-thickness nasal defect involved the right lateral sidewall, ala, soft triangle, and tip subunits. The patient's facial nerve was intact and the orbicularis oris and zygomaticus muscles had not been resected.

Figure 1. Preoperative view after Mohs excision, showing full-thickness defect of right nasal tip, nasal sidewall, upper lip, and cheek region.


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