The FIGO Recommendations on Terminologies and Definitions for Normal and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Ian S. Fraser, M.D.; Hilary O.D. Critchley, M.D.; Michael Broder, M.D.; Malcolm G. Munro, M.D.


Semin Reprod Med. 2011;29(5):383-390. 

In This Article


This article summarized the many discussions of the use of different menstrual terminologies, their definitions, and their international usage. The terminologies described have already received a high degree of acceptance by doctors from many cultures. It is to be hoped they can be used widely in the future clinical and research literature, and will assist with a uniform understanding of both simple and complex symptom experiences. It is also hoped that simple and widely agreed terminologies will allow a clear understanding of published research studies. These terminologies and definitions will be subject to regular ongoing review and debate focused through the FIGO Menstrual Disorders Working Group.


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