Life After Cancer

Living With Risk

Krista L. Wilkins, PhD, RN; Roberta L. Woodgate, PhD, RN


Cancer Nurs. 2011;34(6):487-494. 

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Although the study findings are not generalizable to all cancer survivors, the study fosters an understanding of cancer survivors' perceptions of second cancer risk that will form the basis for future research. Interview data were collected at only 1 time point. Longitudinal research with multiple data collection points over an extended period is needed to capture cancer survivors' multiple and changing realities from various vantage points throughout the course of their cancer survivorship.[19] This study also did not reveal any differences in the second cancer risk perceptions by various demographic and illness variables (eg, age, cancer diagnosis, and time since first cancer diagnosis), and thus, a more in-depth study that seeks to describe potential differences is warranted. Also, it is possible that a sample that included ethnic variability may have revealed additional information about cancer survivors' second cancer risk perceptions.


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