Complications of Atrial Fibrillation Ablation

When Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Antonio Sorgente; Gian-Battista Chierchia; Carlo de Asmundis; Andrea Sarkozy; Lucio Capulzini; Pedro Brugada


Europace. 2011;13(11):1526-1532. 

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Even though catheter ablation is a safe treatment for symptomatic drug-refractory AF, complications can still occur with sometimes very unpredictable outcome. Their knowledge is as important as the knowledge of the procedural technique itself because, in this case more than in other clinical contexts, 'prevention is better than cure'. Hopefully, in the next future, as the worldwide experience will increase accordingly to what has been recently demonstrated,[6] their overall incidence will be falling down allowing a better outcome.

Patient safety is the first and most important rule electrophysiologists (especially if young or inexperienced) should know and try to follow in the context of AF ablation. We firmly believe that knowledge of guidelines is helpful and highly recommendable to this aim. Finally and more importantly, do not forget that 'safety of your patient begins in your office and not in the EP lab'.