CRP Gene Variation Affects Early Development of Alzheimer's Disease-related Plaques

Eloise Helena Kok; Mervi Alanne-Kinnunen; Karita Isotalo; Teemu Luoto; Satu Haikonen; Sirkka Goebeler; Markus Perola; Mikko A Hurme; Hannu Haapasalo; Pekka J Karhunen


J Neuroinflammation. 2011;8(96) 

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The common occurrence of these AD-related brain lesions and the subclinical elevations in elderly patients of inflammatory markers,[38] as well as our current results, suggest that these are simply a consequence of brain aging without any relationship to clinical AD. The conversion of these pathways into those causing AD, however, are yet to be ascertained and remain controversial.


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