Betty R. Ferrell, PhD


October 04, 2011

Case Presentation: Spiritual Distress in a Patient With HIV

Jared Redd is a 44-year-old gay man who is accompanied to the clinic by his partner of 2 years, Harold. Mr. Redd has often missed his routine clinic appointments and has admitted to failing to take his medications regularly. As the advanced practice nurse in the HIV/AIDS clinic, you have become very close to Jared and Harold and you have noticed that Jared seems very anxious and far more depressed than he was on previous visits. As you conduct your physical exam, he asks "Why me?, Why now -- just when I am finally in a decent relationship?" He expresses his appreciation to you for your consistent, compassionate care and says, "Millie, I don't know if you are a church-goer, but if you are can you say a prayer for me?"


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