Associated Disorders of Chiari Type I Malformations

A Review

Marios Loukas, M.D., Ph.D.; Brian J. Shayota, B.S.; Kim Oelhafen, B.S.; Joseph H. Mill er, M.D.; Joshua J. Chern, M.D., Ph.D.; R. Shane Tubbs, M.S., P.A.-C., Ph.D.; W. Jerry Oakes, M.D.


Neurosurg Focus. 2011;31(3):e3 

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Space-occupying Lesions

To this point, all disorders mentioned in association with CM-I have been congenital, but acquired methods of CM-I manifestation exist as well. This category includes both space-occupying lesions and CSF leaks. Space-occupying lesions within the posterior cranial fossa can be caused by a variety of disorders, ranging from brain tumors to hematomas. These can include supratentorial[45] and infratentorial[64] lesions. The multitude of potential spaceoccupying lesions is vast and thus beyond the scope of this review.