Fighting Noncommunicable Diseases: How Physicians Can Help

Neil W. Schluger, MD


September 15, 2011

In This Article

Influencing Change

We should not be shocked by the issues surrounding the negotiations for the NCD summit. Rather, we should be provoked into action. There is still time to do so on a global level, by pressuring the world's leaders to face up to their responsibilities. However, we must also act in our own countries by pushing for realistic targets, sound plans, and accurate reporting. We must activate our own influence and promote it among others.

As World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan has often said "What isn't measured, isn't done." The United Nations summit was conceived as a landmark event, a turning point. It would be nothing less than a global tragedy if it were to become a turn in the wrong direction. I would urge anyone reading this article to investigate whether they can help influence events to ensure there is cause for celebration, not commiseration.


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