Social Media Primer for Healthcare Professionals

Edward T. Murphy


September 20, 2011

In This Article

The Social Media Explosion

Social media sites have grown in popularity among millions of people around the world. For medical professionals, these sites present new avenues for interaction with family, friends, patients, colleagues, and organizations. This article will provide an introduction to social media and the various networking opportunities they offer. With many choices and designs, these platforms provide healthcare professionals with new ways to support their work. Additionally, advice on how to get started participating in social media will be offered, and the ethical and professional concerns that have been raised about using social media will be discussed.

What Are Social Media?

Social media are Internet-based platforms that allow people to connect and interact. Mimicking the networks that exist in our personal lives, social media aim to streamline these networks and give people the opportunity to deepen connections and share with each other to a greater extent.


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