Outlining Novel Cellular Adjuvant Products for Therapeutic Vaccines Against Cancer

Josianne Nitcheu Tefit; Vincent Serra


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2011;10(8):1207-1220. 

In This Article

Five-year View

We now have new knowledge for suggesting optimal strategies in using adjuvant for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Increasing interest is given to combinatorial approaches to augment immune T-cell responses, with the use of synergistic adjuvants. In addition, new adjuvants are being developed, such as αGalCer analogs that could be used as therapeutic agents to switch immune response towards Th1 or Th2. In view of this, we may envisage that the following years will see a considerable advance in adjuvant combination strategies or in the development of new adjuvants for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Results from some ongoing trials based on these new rationales will provide information on the clinical potential of these new strategies in the management of at least some human malignancies.


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