Betty R. Ferrell, PhD, RN


September 08, 2011

Case Presentation: Ovarian Cancer, With Extreme Nausea

Marilyn Cane, 48 years of age, has been diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer. Despite her advanced disease, Ms. Cane has responded to chemotherapy and is committed to "trying anything" to increase her survival because she has an 18-year-old daughter who is a high school senior. Recently, Ms. Cane developed extensive metastases throughout her abdomen, and she has opted to participate in a clinical trial of intraperitoneal chemotherapy. She comes to the outpatient chemotherapy clinic today and reports extreme nausea.

Your initial assessment reveals that she is hypotensive, dehydrated, and very anxious. She also states that she has not taken her antiemetic today because it makes her sleepy. She wanted to drive herself to the clinic rather than ask her daughter to bring her because she is trying to "be strong." She says that she is hopeful that this new treatment will be the miracle for which she has been waiting.


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