Practical Diagnostic Approach to Uveitis

Anthony Grillo; Ralph D Levinson; Lynn K Gordon


Expert Rev Ophthalmol. 2011;6(4):449-459. 

In This Article

Uveitis Classification

In 2005, the SUN Working Group created universal guidelines for the classification of uveitis in terms of anatomical descriptors, standardized grading and terminology (Box 1).[15] Proper classification according to these guidelines is critical for the development of a differential diagnosis for the etiology of uveitis in affected patients. The anatomic compartment is determined by the primary site of the inflammation: anterior (anterior chamber), intermediate (vitreous), posterior (retina or choroid) and panuveitis (anterior chamber, vitreous and retina or choroid). Duration of disease is defined as limited if equal to or less than a duration of 3 months, and persistent if greater than a duration of 3 months. The course is defined as acute if the onset is sudden and duration is limited, recurrent if the there are repeated disease episodes with periods equal to or greater than 3 months of disease inactivity, and chronic when the disease is persistent and relapses within 3 months of no therapy.


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