Systemic Sclerosis

An Update

Uwe-Frithjof Haustein, MD, PhD


Lab Med. 2011;42(9):562-572. 

In This Article

Antifibrotic Agents

Imatinib mesylate, an inhibitor of the tyrosine kinase, also targets the PDGFR kinase, thus inhibiting the ERK1/2 pathway of FB activation. Various clinical studies have shown it reduces fibrosis of different organs.[101]

Oral administration of 500 mg bovine collagen type I reduced skin thickness. The rationale is the induction of oral tolerance against the suspected autoantigen collagen as measured by T cell reactivity.[103] However, the target of this therapy may only be a secondary mechanism.

Attempts to treat with neutralizing anti-TGFβ antibodies (CAT-192) and with peptide inhibitors of TGFβ and CTGF are promising. Penicillamine cannot be recommended, since it causes severe side effects.


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