Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus Among HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex With Men

New York City, 2005-2010

Daniel S. Fierer, MD; Stephanie H. Factor, MD; Alison J. Uriel, MBBS; Damaris C. Carriero, MS; Douglas T. Dieterich, MD; Michael P. Mullen, MD; Arielle Klepper, Wouter van Seggelen, MSc; Kathryn Childs, MBBS; Andrea D. Branch, PhD; Deborah Holtzman, PhD; John W. Ward, MD; Yury Khudyakov, PhD; Scott D. Holmberg, MD


Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2011;60(28):945-950. 

In This Article

Characteristics of Case-Patients

During October 2005–December 2010, Mount Sinai evaluated 74 HIV-infected MSM who reported no injection-drug use and had newly elevated ALT levels and a positive HCV antibody test result; 73 of 74 also had documented HCV viremia. Median age of the 74 patients was 39 years; 41 were non-Hispanic white, 14 non-Hispanic black, 18 Hispanic, and one Asian (Table 1). Median CD4+ cell count for the patients was 483 cells/µL (range: 66–1,258 cells/µL). Sixty patients (81%) were asymptomatic, and new HCV infection was detected solely because of new ALT elevation; 14 (19%) had jaundice at presentation. Median peak ALT level was 665 U/L (range: 72–5,291 U/L). No other cause for the patients' elevated ALT levels was found (e.g., no new infection with hepatitis A or B virus and no new drug therapy). Of the 74 patients, 65 (91%) had a previous negative HCV-antibody test result before detection of hepatitis (median: 12 months; range: 0–110 months).


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