Can Nicotine be Used Medicinally in Parkinson's Disease?

Claire Thiriez; Gabriel Villafane; Frédérique Grapin; Gilles Fenelon; Philippe Remy; Pierre Cesaro


Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol. 2011;4(4):429-436. 

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There is little solid clinical evidence to date regarding nicotine use in PD patients and the evidence that exists is inconclusive at best. However, given the preclinical data and the limitations in the clinical studies already performed, further work is required to fully answer the question. The ongoing trials address different targets: improvement of motor symptoms or complications, impulse control disorders and neuroprotection. A recent public release from Neuraltus Inc. support an antidyskinetic effect.[101] Moreover, the method of administration and dose have still not been clearly established.


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