Nicotine Conjugate Vaccine as a Novel Approach to Smoking Cessation

Anne R. Ottney, Pharm.D


Pharmacotherapy. 2011;31(7):703-713. 

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Economic Considerations

The financial impact of tobacco-related illness on both a national and global level is significant. In the United States, #96 billion/year in health care costs are spent for treating tobacco-related illnesses.[24] Many of the available drug therapies for smoking cessation are approximately equal in price to smoking one pack of cigarettes/day. To our knowledge, no projected cost of the 3′-AmNic-rEPA vaccine has been disclosed. Results from a recent health statistics survey show that approximately 40% of smokers have an annual household income of less than #35,000, making provision of the vaccine at a reasonable cost key to the acceptance of the vaccine, considering the large number of adults who are smokers living at or below the federal poverty line.[25]


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