Nicotine Conjugate Vaccine as a Novel Approach to Smoking Cessation

Anne R. Ottney, Pharm.D


Pharmacotherapy. 2011;31(7):703-713. 

In This Article

Dosing and Administration

In accordance with 3′-AmNic-rEPA phase III clinical trials, administration of a 400-μg intramuscular injection into the deltoid muscle once/month for 6 months will likely become the dosing regimen for this vaccine, if approved. Antinicotine antibody levels sufficient to promote smoking cessation are expected to be reached by week 14 after the first injection, correlating with the target quit date for the patients. Routine monitoring of nicotine-specific antibodies in vaccinated subjects to ensure achievement of target antibody levels may be a useful practice, although studies are needed to determine at what intervals and in whom titers should be drawn. Individuals interested in using the vaccine as a means to quit smoking would need to come to a clinic or hospital to receive the vaccine on a monthly basis.


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