Starting Solid Foods: Are We Doing It Right?

An Expert Interview With Alan Greene, MD

Laurie Scudder, DNP, NP; Alan Greene, MD


July 06, 2011

Editor's Note: The epidemic of overweight and obesity in American children is no longer news. Countless hours of research have been devoted to examining the impact of obesity on a child's health and numerous treatment options have been explored. While many management strategies have been found to have variable effect in different populations of children, it is clear that there is no single methodology and that the most effective intervention is to prevent overweight in the first place. Prevention, too, is not a simple process and also requires an individualized approach.

Medscape spoke with Alan Greene, MD, a pediatrician at Stanford University's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and author of Feeding Baby Green and, about the state of current research on obesity prevention in infants and children and his own current initiatives on this subject.


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