Exercise Is Medicine in Cystic Fibrosis

Courtney M. Wheatley; Brad W. Wilkins; Eric M. Snyder


Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2011;39(3):155-160. 

In This Article


Despite evidence that exercise improves the quality of life in patients with CF, there is little mechanistic data available regarding the influence of exercise on ASL ion regulation (i.e., evidence for what is occurring on a cellular level) and mechanisms of thermoregulatory adaptations in this population. Because of endogenous adrenergic and purinergic ion channel regulation in the airway epithelial cells, it is likely that exercise could attenuate CFTR dysfunction and ENaC hyperactivity and additionally activate CaCC, ameliorating ion dysregulation in CF. Evidence of this exercise-induced ion regulation in the lung could provide incentive for CF subjects to implement and maintain the prescribed exercise as medicine through childhood and adult life to prevent the progression of pulmonary disease.


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