BRAF Targeted Therapy Changes the Treatment Paradigm in Melanoma

Antoni Ribas; Keith T. Flaherty


Nat Rev Clin Onc. 2011;8(7) 

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Abstract and Introduction


After decades of stagnation, recent therapeutic advances in melanoma seem on the horizon. The discovery of the genetic underpinnings of this historically refractory disease has exposed potential targets for therapy, BRAF mutations being principal among them. In the 8 years following the discovery of BRAF mutations in 50–60% of advanced melanomas, only recently have potent and selective inhibitors of this intracellular signaling molecule shown efficacy from early clinical testing. Vemurafenib (PLX4032) and GSK2118436, two orally available and well tolerated agents are on the verge of transforming the landscape of melanoma therapy based on the promising results of their respective phase I, II, and III trials.


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