Bioengineered Tissues in Wound Healing

A Progress Report

Brian D Lepow; Michael Downey; Jesse Yurgelon; Lindsey Klassen; David G Armstrong


Expert Rev Dermatol. 2011;6(3):255-262. 

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There are many challenges associated with the clinical management of a chronic wound. It must be emphasized that before effective treatment of a wound can occur, one must address the underlying causative factors that contribute to the given wound's etiology and chronicity. These factors include assessment of the vascular status, the presence of infection and pressure.[43] Serial wound debridements is the essential permissive factor to simplify the wound and prepare it for any successful therapies.[43] Debridement, removing the nonviable tissue, will take a wound stalled in a chronic phase of healing and convert it to an acute-phase wound, providing an environment that is more conducive to healing. Although traditional methods of wound management therapies may help to accomplish this goal, newer and potentially more effective means are available.