The Cancer Supportive Care Model

A Patient-Partnered Paradigm Shift in Health Care Delivery

Elias Anaissie, MD; Tara Mink, RN


J Participat Med. 2011;3 

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Superior Patient Outcomes

The development and implementation of the Supportive Care Model have shown that therapy for MM can be safely delivered using this strategy. Indeed, the outcome of patients with MM treated at the MIRT has been consistently shown to produce superior outcomes in terms of patient survival and disease control.[9 12 13]

Independent Evaluation

An independent data analysis conducted by the University HealthSystem Consortium in January 2010 concluded that MIRT is the national leader in the paradigm shift from an inpatient to an outpatient model of care, and in which patient participation is strongly emphasized. "We have been able to find out that Arkansas' program is truly unique. Arkansas' percentage of bone marrow transplant (BMT) outpatients is the highest by far [see Figure 3]. In addition, because you are unique, UHC's models do not give you the credit you deserve for the severity of your inpatients.[14]

Figure 3.

Percentage of MIRT Outpatients Requiring BMT.

This patient-clinician partnership has been well received by patients, their caregivers, and the treatment team because it fosters patient empowerment and active participation in the decision process throughout therapy. The Cancer Supportive Care model continues to be actively used at MIRT and the authors believe this model can be easily and safely expanded beyond the elderly population with cancer to other patient populations. Shifting patient care from the inpatient to the outpatient setting is expected to improve the overall patient experience by fostering patient empowerment, comfort, convenience, reduction in length of hospitalization and decreased overall cost to the patient and provider.


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