Vaccination for Hepatitis C Virus

Closing in on an Evasive Target

John Halliday; Paul Klenerman; Eleanor Barnes


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2011;10(5):659-672. 

In This Article

The Need for a Prophylactic HCV Vaccine

The need for a prophylactic HCV vaccine may be debated, since a change in social or cultural practices, such as the prevention of IVDU and the efficient screening of blood products and medical instruments worldwide would abort most new HCV infections. In practice, however, eradication through cultural change may be unachievable since the source of HCV infection is unclear (with no risk factors identified) in up to 20% of infected people, the prevention of IVDU has, to date, not been possible, and HCV is particularly prevalent in poorer countries where there is limited capacity for the financial investment required to reduce transmission during medical procedures.


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