Vaccination for Hepatitis C Virus

Closing in on an Evasive Target

John Halliday; Paul Klenerman; Eleanor Barnes


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2011;10(5):659-672. 

In This Article

Future Vaccine Approaches

Novel future vaccine approaches include virus-like particle (VLP)-based vaccines that have been successfully employed for viral infections such as hepatitis B.[108,109] A HCV VLP vaccine approach could facilitate delivery of neutralizing antibody- and core-specific T-cell epitopes in a single construct resembling mature HCV virions. In theory, the delivery of important antigenic determinants in this form rather than as linear recombinant protein or synthetic peptides could enhance immunity.

Additional strategies include molecules that induce innate immune responses, with secondary effects on adaptive responses (such as TLR-9 ligands[110]) that are either encoded within a vaccine construct or used as a vaccine adjuvant.


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