Propylene Glycol

An Often Unrecognized Cause of Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Patients Using Topical Corticosteroids

Mohammed Al Jasser, MD; Nino Mebuke; Gillian de Gannes, MD, FRCPC


Skin Therapy Letter. 2011;16(5) 

In This Article

The Choice of a Topical CS in a PG-allergic Patient

Given that PG is the most common allergen in topical CS, it is important to know which topical corticosteroid to prescribe to a PG-allergic patient. We have conducted a search of all topical CS available in Canada. We have excluded topical CS that contain other active ingredients (e.g., salicylic acid). We then searched carefully for preparations that are PG-free. Ingredients of the different topical CS were checked using the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) 2010 drug reference guide in addition to pharmaceutical company website searches. We have created a chart containing all PG-free topical CS available in Canada sorted on the basis of potency and structural class (Table 2 on page 7).


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