Orally Inhaled Dihydroergotamine

Reviving and Improving a Classic

Eric P Baron; Stewart J Tepper


Future Neurology. 2011;6(3):327-333. 

In This Article


Orally inhaled DHE is a promising new option for patients with headache, especially migraine and cluster, who typically respond poorly to triptans, cannot tolerate standard forms of DHE or have limited availability to these treatment options. It appears superior to the most therapeutic IV form of DHE in terms of tolerability, while providing similar efficacy. As with other forms of DHE, INH DHE is expected to provide a much needed option for those with prominent nausea or vomiting who cannot tolerate oral medications, status migrainosus, prolonged migraine, menstrual migraine, refractory cluster headache, high migraine recurrence, migraine upon awakening when allodynia is present and when bridging a patient out of medication overuse headache.[1]


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