Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Susceptibility and Resistance to Antibiotics

Cécile Bébéar; Sabine Pereyre; Olivia Peuchant


Future Microbiol. 2011;6(4):423-431. 

In This Article

Indications of Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Considering the lengthy isolation of M. pneumoniae by culture, in vitro antibiotic susceptibility testing of M. pneumoniae is not necessary for monitoring the treatment of individual patients. However, it could be needed for systemic infections especially in immunocompromised patients, in case of treatment failure, or in order to evaluate new antimicrobials against M. pneumoniae. To date, no specific guidelines for susceptibility testing of human mycoplasmas have been issued. A subcommittee on mycoplasma antimicrobial susceptibility testing was established in 2001 by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute to develop and validate, in multilaboratory studies, protocols for standardized methods, for performance, interpretation and quality control purposes, of individual MIC assays. A Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute guideline for susceptibility testing of human mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas is expected to be produced in 2011.


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