Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Susceptibility and Resistance to Antibiotics

Cécile Bébéar; Sabine Pereyre; Olivia Peuchant


Future Microbiol. 2011;6(4):423-431. 

In This Article

Susceptible Phenotype

Table 1 shows a compilation of the MICs of different antimicrobials against M. pneumoniae obtained from published studies in which different methods and antibiotic concentrations were used. A lot of in vitro data are available for M. pneumoniae, but most studies reported small numbers of clinical isolates from limited geographical areas, especially in Europe and North America.[2] Except for macrolides, recent in vitro M. pneumoniae susceptibility tests carried out in Europe and North America gave comparable results with no major changes from the older studies.[8]


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