Impact of Children's Migration on Health and Health Care-seeking Behavior of Elderly Left Behind

Ramesh Adhikari; Aree Jampaklay; Aphichat Chamratrithirong


BMC Public Health. 2011;11 

In This Article


Our study provides novel evidence on an issue of special importance to countries affected by heavy out-migration of adult children, an issue that has received little attention. Findings here show that out-migration of adult children is highly associated with poor mental health but is not associated with the physical health of elderly left behind. Out-migration of children is also highly associated with greater utilization of health facilities. Thus, in order to decrease morbidity among the elderly as well as to maintain and enhance the well-being of families, programs should focus on alleviating the symptoms of poor mental health among the elderly left behind and aim to reduce the differences in utilization of health care-seeking behavior among elderly with children present in the community and elderly left behind.


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