Development of Vaccines Toward the Global Control and Eradication of Foot-and-mouth Disease

Luis L Rodriguez; Cyril G Gay


Expert Rev Vaccines. 2011;10(3):377-387. 

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Five-year View

To achieve the goal of a global effort for FMD control and eradication, the next 5 years are critical. Large parts of the world such as South America are at the brink of eradicating FMD with currently available tools, while others will require new tools and sustainable approaches that are relevant to their economy and methods of livestock production to achieve the goal of eradication. Without continued effort being placed in the necessary research for the development of better control strategies and appropriate tools, the goal of eradication will unlikely to be realized. The focus of the research should be centered on goals that will address the major problems limiting control and eradication, including understanding of the ecology, pathogenesis and transmission of FMDV in relevant species, and importantly, the development of new and cost-effective technologies designed to provide broad-range and long-lasting protective immunity after vaccination. The information derived from this research effort should lead to vaccines that have the necessary characteristics (listed in Table 1) that will allow the global control and eventual eradication of FMD.