Therapy of Hypertension in African Americans

John M. Flack; Samar A. Nasser; Phillip D. Levy


Am J Cardiovasc Drugs. 2011;11(2):83-92. 

In This Article

4. Conclusions

Hypertension treatment in African Americans, as well as for non-African Americans, has evolved over the years. The emphasis is now appropriately on utilizing the most effective drug combinations for the control of BP and protection of targetorgans in this high risk population. In recognition of the high prevalence of subclinical vascular injury even in normotensive African Americans with above optimal BP, and the human clinical trial data suggesting benefit from BP levels below the conventional 140/90mmHg threshold, the ISHIB consensus statement recommends a reduction in the BP target, even for the lowest risk African Americans, to <135/85mmHg. To achieve this, however, optimal management of hypertension in African Americans will require the use of comprehensive lifestyle modifications and individualized drug therapeutics in combination.


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