Brand Name versus Generic Warfarin

A Systematic Review of the Literature

Francesco Dentali, M.D.; Marco P. Donadini, M.D.; Nathan Clark, Pharm.D.; Mark A. Crowther, M.D.; David Garcia, M.D.; Elaine Hylek, M.D.; Dan M. Witt, Pharm.D.; Walter Ageno, M.D.


Pharmacotherapy. 2011;31(4):386-393. 

In This Article


Taken together, these results suggest that generic warfarin products meeting FDA standards for bioequivalence are probably as safe and effective as brand name products. We conclude, therefore, that patients may be safely treated with generic warfarin. However, closer monitoring may be reasonable when switching brands, as variations in individual INR response may be seen. Furthermore, we recommend that individual patients infrequently change warfarin manufacturers, allowing the development of a stable warfarin dosage.


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