Hymenoptera Venom Immunotherapy

Beatrice M Bilò; Floriano Bonifazi


Immunotherapy. 2011;3(2):229-246. 

In This Article


Insect sting allergy and VIT remain an excellent model for the study of anaphylaxis and immune tolerance. VIT is probably the most effective form of specific allergen immunotherapy.

Patient knowledge that VIT prevents anaphylactic reactions to future stings improves HRQL, which, in itself, is an important reason for offering immunotherapy to patients with insect allergies.

However, neither the efficacy nor the safety of the treatment are optimal, especially as regards to bee VIT, and so there is considerable room for further improvement in these all-important areas.

A number of new strategies for VIT, mostly based on genetic engineering, have been described and we are eagerly awaiting the advent of their application in clinical practice.


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