Short- and Long-term Outcomes after Cesarean Section

Rosalie M Grivell; Jodie M Dodd


Expert Rev of Obstet Gynecol. 2011;6(2):205-215. 

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Five-year View

Cesarean birth is common and experienced by more women now than in previous years. Women of reproductive age are more likely to be obese, have their first birth later and experience IOL than they were 5–10 years ago. If these risk factors for CS birth continue to become more common, then it is likely that the rate of CS birth will also continue to increase. There are well-documented risks associated with CS birth, including significant adverse outcomes for the woman her infant in a subsequent pregnancy, regardless of the planned mode of birth in the next pregnancy. Without urgently addressing the rising CS rate in the next 5 years clinicians will continue to care for more women experiencing serious morbidity around the time of birth.


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