An Unusual Case of Persistent Groin Pain after Total Hip Arthroplasty

A Case Report

Praveen Konala; Thomas K Schaefer; Farhad Iranpour; Niklaus F Friederich; Michael T Hirschmann


J Med Case Reports. 2011;5(1) 

In This Article


This case report is of particular importance to all radiologists and any surgeon involved in elective orthopaedic surgery. It highlights the importance of avoiding the pigeon-holing of patients with specific symptoms into specific diagnostic categories to correctly diagnose the outliers. Further, radiographs should be analyzed in a systematic, standardized and complete manner, taking every visible structure into account. In the presence of bilateral subtle abnormalities, further radiological imaging such as magnetic resonance imaging or single photon emission tomography should be recommended. In conclusion, the importance of an unbiased assessment of patients and their radiographs is a sine qua non for the establishment of the correct diagnosis.


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