Pulmonary Effects of Marijuana Inhalation

Megan L Howden; Matthew T Naughton


Expert Rev Resp Med. 2011;5(1):87-92. 

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Medical Use of Marijuana

There is some evidence of the efficacy of using THC derivatives to treat various symptoms associated with chronic or terminal medical conditions.[40] However, few randomized controlled trials have been conducted, with the exception of THC as an anti-emetic during chemotherapy. While THC does appear to be superior to placebo in the treatment of chemotherapy-related nausea, the efficacy is not greater than that of standard treatments.[40] In addition, adverse effects such as dysphoria, somnolence and dizziness limit the use and dosing of THC. In the case of analgesics, THC is of modest benefit but, again, side effects limit dosing.[40] Thus, the overall benefit of THC over other treatments is not convincing.


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