Should There Be a Standard Therapy for Mantle Cell Lymphoma?

Mitchell R Smith


Future Oncol. 2011;7(2):227-237. 

In This Article

Intensive Regimens with Autologous Stem Cell Support

It is difficult to separate the role of HDC/ASCT into induction or consolidation, and it is probably best considered not as a separate treatment modality, but rather as part of an overall initial treatment plan, with the exception of a full course of the R-Hyper-CVAD/R-MA regimen. The age limit for ASCT continues to climb, although a smaller percentage of older patients are physiologically able to tolerate these regimens. Improvements in supportive care and attempts to make conditioning regimens more tolerable continue, such that this modality can be utilized in more patients. RIT appears promising as part of the conditioning regimen for autologous SCT.[58,59]


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