European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure Association Standards for Delivering Heart Failure Care

Theresa A. McDonagh; Lynda Blue; Andrew L. Clark; Ulf Dahlström; Inger Ekman; Mitja Lainscak; Kenneth McDonald; Mary Ryder; Anna Strömberg; Tiny Jaarsma


Eur J Heart Fail. 2011;13(3):235-241. 

In This Article

Heart Failure Management Programmes

General Points

Most HF services have unique features which are specific to their geographical location, disease prevalence, local barriers to optimal care, and resources. Essential components of successful ones include:

  • specialist heart failure cardiologists;

  • specialist heart failure nurses;

  • an ability to function across sectors of care;

  • heart failure outpatient clinics;

  • adherence to common guidelines.

The goals of an ideal HF service are to provide for all patients: an accurate diagnosis; the correct investigations and implementation of appropriate evidence-based therapy; education for both the patient and their carers; with the overall aim of improving both survival and quality of life.