February 18, 2011 (Updated February 22, 2011) (Maple Grove, Minnesota) — Upsher-Smith Laboratories is recalling one lot of its warfarin sodium (Jantoven) 3 mg after discovering one bottle was found instead to contain 10-mg tablets, the company has announced [1,2].

The 3-mg and 10-mg pills are different colors and have different imprinting, it noted in a press release; the error was discovered before they were dispensed. "To date, the company has identified no additional mislabeled bottles."

The recalled lot #284081 was packaged at the company's factory in Plymouth, MN and "distributed to wholesalers, retail chains, and independent pharmacies throughout the United States."

On February 18, the company expanded its recall "to include additional products that were packaged on the same packaging line" over a six-month period last year [3].  They include 15 more lots of Jantoven, two lots of amlodipine 5 mg, and some other medications primarily for noncardiac indications.


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