Six Biggest Gripes of Employed Doctors

Kenneth J. Terry, MA


March 02, 2011

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6. The Tyranny of Noncompete Clauses

Employed doctors intensely dislike noncompete clauses, which they view as an unfair constraint on their potential mobility.

In Texas, Robbins is seeing an increasing emphasis on noncompetes in employment contracts. "The majority of contracts that have those clauses are reasonable. They might say you can't set up practice within a 10-mile radius or 30-mile radius of the facility. The problem I see sometimes is that you may have a corporate affiliate with 8 hospitals in 7 counties, and you can't compete close to any of them. That's unfair. But there are laws and regulations against that."

Noncompetes can sometimes discourage doctors from changing jobs. For example, if you have a noncompete with a 30-mile radius in Dallas, Robbins says, "you probably can't work in that market if you leave your hospital. So that might prevent a doctor from leaving."


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