Dermatological Manifestations of Inherited Cancer Syndromes in Children

A. Karalis; M. Tischkowitz; G.W.M. Millington


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2011;164(2):245-256. 

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An awareness of the cutaneous and extracutaneous features of cancer-predisposing syndromes should result in the early diagnosis of an underlying cancer in children. Benign conditions, such as sporadic isolated CALMs, should prompt questioning about a family history of cancer and long-term follow-up, with perhaps further clinical investigations. Early detection of cancer may lead to therapeutic interventions such as surgery or bone-marrow transplantation which, although not without risk, can improve the prognosis. Family screening and genetic counselling of families harbouring the relevant mutations plays a vital role in the management of these conditions.


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