Cluster Headache—Acute and Prophylactic Therapy

Avi Ashkenazi, MD; Todd Schwedt, MD


Headache. 2011;51(2):272-286. 

In This Article

Somatostatin and Octreotide

Sicuteri et al conducted a controlled study to examine the efficacy of intravenous somatostatin for acute CH attacks.[29] Seventy-two attacks, experienced by 8 men, were studied. Somatostatin infusion was superior to placebo, and comparable to intramuscular ergotamine, in relieving CH pain. Matharu et al evaluated the efficacy of octreotide, a somatostatin analog that can be given subcutaneously, for acute CH.[30] Octreotide 100 μg was significantly superior to placebo with regard to headache response rates (52% vs 36%).

An important advantage of these drugs is their lack of vasoconstrictive effect, making them a viable treatment option for patients who cannot use triptans because of vascular diseases.


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