Fluoroquinolones in the Management of Community-acquired Pneumonia in Primary Care

Brian Wispelwey; Katherine R Schafer


Expert Rev Anti Infect Ther. 2010;8(11):1259-1271. 

In This Article

Role of Primary Care Practitioners

Given that most patients with CAP are treated on an outpatient basis, the primary care practitioner (PCP) often makes the initial treatment decision, and plays a critical role in the management of CAP.[2] Evidence indicates that the initial empiric treatment choice is one of the most important clinical decisions made by physicians during the entire course of illness for patients with CAP.[2,15] Selection of inadequate initial treatment for CAP is associated with increased mortality, increased risk of clinical failure and a greater frequency of drug-resistant pathogens.[1,16–18] The initial treatment decision affects all aspects of subsequent care, including diagnostic testing, admission of the patient to the hospital, the need for intensive care, selection of antimicrobial therapy and prevention of drug resistance.[2,15]


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