Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Topical Antibiotics

J. Desiree Douglas, MPA, PA-C


Dermatology Nursing 

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Sources of Neomycin Exposure

  • Prescription and nonprescription dermatologic creams and ointments including Cortisporin® cream and ointment; Mycolog® cream and ointment; Neo-Polycin®; Neosporin® aerosol, ointment, powder; various triple antibiotic ointments

  • Prescription otic drops including Cortisporin® otic solution and suspension, Otocort® ear drops, Otobione® otic suspension, Otocidin® otic drops Prescription ophthalmologic drops including Cortisporin® ophthalmic ointment, NeoDecadron® ophthalmic ointment and solution; Neosporin ophthalmic ointment and solution

  • Veterinary products for treating infections

  • Animal feed and pet food

  • Dental root canal procedures

  • Rare sources: deodorants, cosmetics, soaps

(Frosch et al., 2006; Marks et al., 2002; Rietschel & Fowler, 2008)