Kristina R. Burke, MD, CPT, MC, USA; George W. Turiansky, MD, COL, MC, USA


Dermatology Nursing 

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Several treatment strategies have been tried for porokeratosis with varying response. The use of sunscreens and regular observation for malignant transformation is prudent. Other treatments used include cryotherapy, CO2 laser ablation, excision, topical imiquimod, topical 5-fluorouracil with or without occlusion, topical and oral retinoids, and topical vitamin D3 analogs or combinations of the above (James, Berger, & Elston, 2006; Pierson et al., 2003). Surgical excision may be necessary if there is malignant degeneration (Montes-De-Oca-Sanchez, Tirado-Sanchez, & Garcia-Ramirez, 2006; Vergara et al., 2002). Treatment plans should be selected based on the size, number, and location of the lesions and the patient's desires.


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