Kristina R. Burke, MD, CPT, MC, USA; George W. Turiansky, MD, COL, MC, USA


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Porokeratosis usually begins in infancy or childhood as asymptomatic, small, brown, or skin-colored papules that expand peripherally with time. Lesions can occur anywhere on the body to include mucous membranes, but show a predilection for the extremities and genitalia. As the condition progresses, the characteristic thread-like border begins to demarcate the lesion. This border can be more than 1 mm in height and has a furrow in the center of the ridge. The center of the lesion can become hyperpigmented or hypopigmented and is usually smooth, depressed (atrophic), and anhidrotic. The lesions tend to not be painful or pruritic (O';Regan & Irvine, 2008).


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